Dear All,

Sincere Regards!

It's my utmost pleasure to have this opportunity to share my experience as an educator promoter of MCD, DMHSS & MEBS. Having had earned diverse experience for more than two decades from various positions- teacher, coordinator, principal and finally a promoter, that I have progressed through; I have come to understand education from various dimensions. This experience has helped me develop an education philosophy that guides my educational vision and mission. My education philosophy is the philosophy of "Right Education" which is the sound blend of 3Cs, viz. Competency, Culture and Compassion. Through "Right Education" I aspire to develop socially responsible citizens who are cultured, educated, knowledgeable, optimistic, skillful and equally compassionate. For this to happen, I, as the promoter, have created conducive environment which is an integration of qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties; modern management practices and well-favored infrastructures. In the watershed of the digital age, I believe that this conducive environment will facilitate "Right Education" for overall development of individuals, as well as balanced development, peace and prosperity of society. 

So, I, hereby, would like to call upon all the stakeholders, especially the students to join MCD & DMHSS and initiate "Right Education". 

Glorify yourself with the right knowledge, skills, attitude and culture! 

Enjoy Studying at MCD & DMHSS!




Mr. Kumar Budathoki
Executive Chairman