MCD & DMHSS is the only pioneer in the field of education in Damak and western Jhapa, always one step ahead of others, leaving legacy for others to toddle. Isn't it enough reason to justify your choice of selecting MCD & DMHSS? However, specific reasons to justify the same are as follows:

Education Philosophy - MCD & DMHSS has developed the education philosophy of "Right Education" which is a sound blend of 3Cs-Competence, Culture and Compassion. "Right Education" ensures holistic education required for utilizing opportunities and addressing challenges of the digital age.

Teaching Philosophy - MCD & DMHSS has adopted the teaching philosophy of "Constructive Teaching" to help students learn rather than just delivering lectures traditionally. "Constructive Teaching" encourages teachers to adopt proactive approaches to teaching aided by modern technology intended towards addressing the diverse needs and expectation. 

Qualified, Dedicated and Responsible Faculties- MCD & DMHSS has a pool of qualified, dedicated and responsible faculties from various disciplines with necessary expertise, experience, energy and enthusiasm. 

Modern Management Practices - MCD & DMHSS has applied modern practices to impart education, in a systematic manner, intended towards addressing interest of all the stakeholders. Our modern practice is a complete package with programs like 365 Counseling Service, Coordination Mechanism, Evaluation Mechanism and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Students' Support Programs - MCD & DMHSS knows it's prime responsibility of empowering students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and culture. To facilitate this, MCD & DMHSS has launched various students' support programs like Support Classes for academically weak students, Non Credit Programs like computer trainings to technically empower students, Leadership Development Programs to initiate leadership in students and Personality Development Program to develop integrated personality. 

Conducive Environment - MCD & DMHSS has created a conducive environment to support it's educational mission. Its conducive environment is the outcome of the followings which are well managed in MCD & DMHSS:

  • Physical Facilities – Earthquake Resilient Buildings, Spacious Premises, Hostel Facility
  • Educational Facilities - Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Library, Internet and Wi-Fi Service
  • Reliable Transportation Service
  • Affordable Fee Structure
  • Generous Scholarship Programs